Akinci Law Office is an international law firm, based in Istanbul Turkey, committed to providing high-quality legal service both in international and domestic practices. We provide specialized legal services to prominent local firms as well as to well-known corporations around the world.

I want to move my family abroad

Wherever in the world you wish to live, work or employ people, our highly effective immigration team can help.
As a global firm with an international client base, we have significant experience in managing the immigration needs of employers hiring foreign talent, individuals seeking to relocate, families wishing to reunite, and those looking to reduce their tax exposure by establishing residence or citizenship in different jurisdictions.

Our multilingual team has decades of experience, and team members have helped shape immigration law in their respective countries. In the US, Reaz H. Jafri has been advising clients for more than 20 years and regularly writes and lectures around the world. For immigration advice in the UK, Tracy Evlogidis leads the team, working closely with the Government to ensure clients are provided with advice at the highest level. She is currently heavily involved in the impact that Brexit will have upon EU nationals living in the UK and UK nationals living throughout the member states. We also have strong capabilities in Hong Kong, Singapore and Italy.

Whether you are a business or an individual, we carefully listen to your needs and concerns, and advise on the most effective means of achieving those objectives.

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