Company and Corporate Law

Akinci Law Office’s services cover legal matters at all stages of the life of a business entry. They include the drafting of company formation documents (articles of associations and by­laws), conducting General Assembly meetings, drafting board resolutions, and administrative matters, such as obtaining permit papers from the Foreign Capital General Directorate or establishing local branches.

We draw up contracts and other related legal documents and opinions. These include domestic and international sales and trade matters such as commercial sales, transportation, distribution and agency, factoring, joint venture, manufacturing, service and production agreements.

We have practical experience and substantive legal expertise about the structure and regulation of financial institutions and other legal entities with respect to corporate governance. In this regard, we developed different corporate governance models that provide strict compliance overview with broad oversight.

Regulation and Compliance

The regulation and compliance team at Akinci Law Office ensures the timely filing and liaison with the Turkish competition authorities, with the aim of obtaining a favorable decision from each of the regulatory bodies in a timely manner.