Employment Law

Employment law is one of Akinci Law Office‘s areas of concentration.

Akinci acts in any claims arising from disputes between the company and its workers as a result of their labor relationship.

Akinci advises on the execution of employment contracts, including determining the types of contract and contractual clauses best suited to the needs, operations and structure of each enterprise.

Akinci advises clients in drafting employment contracts and adapting their internationally used employment contracts to Turkish Labor Law.

In addition, we provide employment consulting services that optimize decision-making and reduce financial burdens.

Akinci advises on all aspects of employment relationships, such as terms of employment, pay structure and compensation, geographic and functional mobility, misconduct and related penalties, modifications of working conditions, such as working hours and vacation, workplace safety and standards, work permits for foreign workers, etc.

We are experienced in the termination of employment contracts, counseling about the proper formalization of such terminations and defending, if necessary, our clients in any proceedings brought before the Turkish labor courts related to the terminations.

We advise clients on mutual separation agreement, termination notice, payment in lieu of notice and severance pay.