Real Estate

Akinci Law Office gives advice about any matter concerning Real Estate, such as buying, selling, letting and or granting/accepting in rem rights in property.

Most of these actions take place at the local land registries with the intervention of authorized officers.

More specifically, we help our clients when preparing documents required by the land registry and we provide legal counsel on drafting all kinds of agreements concerning real estate.

Akinci drafts, analyzes, negotiates, mediates, arbitrates and litigates contract, lien and bond claims.

We also represent landlords, tenants,  lenders, investors, developers, brokers and architects in the real estate sector.

We provide practical advice to our clients on planning and environmental, licensing and commercial property issues, as well as litigation and advocacy.

We represent our clients in connection with the purchase and sale of condominiums, cooperatives and other residential properties in Turkey.

Knowing the importance of the lease as a major investment for most businesses, we actively share our experience with our clients in negotiating commercial leases.

In summary, Akinci assists and consults with its real estate clients on a wide-range of matters, including sales and acquisitions, leases and lease buy-backs, entitlement issues, condemnation, government permits and asset management.

Akinci can negotiate a full range of lease agreements for all types of property and premises, as well as hotel lease and management agreements, real estate management agreements and contracts for homes for the elderly, to mention but a few.