Akinci Law Office is an international law firm, based in Istanbul Turkey, committed to providing high-quality legal service both in international and domestic practices. We provide specialized legal services to prominent local firms as well as to well-known corporations around the world.

International Family Law

Akinci Law Office provides legal services to clients as well as to foreign individuals in all areas of civil and family law.

This may take the form of complex international divorce suitsinheritance matters or issues relating to the recognition of an international marriage.

Members of our firm are also experienced with child abduction cases arising under the auspices of the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (known as the Hague Convention).

In this regard, we cooperate with international organizations such as Reunite in United Kingdom. Akinci is one of the few law firms which offers this service in Turkey. Child abductions have the potential to involve extremely long legal processes. We work so effectively since we understand the anxiety that any parent has in these cases, the urgency that these cases often require and the need to be strategic in handling the matters.

Akinci works to secure the prompt return of a child wrongfully removed to, or retained in any state, to the environment from which the child was removed.

When it is necessary, we organize the appropriate measures needed to locate the abducted children.

Akinci can also assist in inheritance issues for international families. We are experts on the difficulties that arise when having to deal with conflicts of law that arise amongst the inheritance laws of different countries. We can assist in obtaining Turkish awards and enforcing foreign awards in Turkey, as well as other issues of inheritance law.

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