Mediation is an alternative method of dispute resolution. Under Turkish domestic law, in commercial cases, it is mandatory to attempt mediation before filing a lawsuit in court.

In cases where the dispute is resolved through arbitration, mediation is not compulsory. However, the parties may agree to engage in mediation before resorting to arbitration. In international commercial disputes, the parties can appoint a mediator and resolve their disputes through a mediation agreement. The mediator will assist the parties in reaching a settlement, thereby avoiding bringing the dispute to court or arbitration.

Akıncı Law Office takes pride in the recognition of Prof. Ziya Akıncı as a “global leader” in commercial mediation by Who’s Who Legal. Building on this wealth of expertise, we provide support to our clients by selecting the appropriate mediator, preparing for the mediation process, and facilitating the achievement of settlements when dispute resolution is favourable at the mediation stage.

Furthermore, leveraging our experience in arbitration, we take into consideration the potential post-mediation processes to ensure the most realistic risk management for the dispute. If mediation does not result in a settlement, we also assist in preparing for subsequent stages of dispute resolution.