International Family Law

In the field of International Family Law, Akıncı Law Office has a renowned expertise in matters involving foreign elements within inheritance law and family law. Prof. Ziya Akıncı’s work titled “International Family Law” serves as a testament to our knowledge in this area. Drawing from this experience, we offer consultancy services in various international matters, such as divorce and custody cases, establishment of personal relationships, estate determination concerning inheritance, cases involving testamentary transactions, reconciliation, and more. We also assist in the recognition of foreign court decisions related to divorce and custody matters, ensuring compliance with Turkish law.

In cases falling within the scope of the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, our team fully appreciates the sensitivity of the matter and works diligently to resolve these disputes promptly. Additionally, our team is experienced in taking appropriate steps to locate children unlawfully taken to any country or retained in another country and ensuring their safe return to their habitual residence.

In line with this, we are one of the few law firms in Turkey who collaborate with international organizations such as Reunite in the United Kingdom. Given the sensitivity of the matter, we primarily handle issues that often involve lengthy legal processes. Our strategic approach plays a crucial role in effectively resolving these matters. Our team of lawyers is proficient in advanced English and serves many foreign clients.

Due to challenges arising from conflicts of laws in different countries’ inheritance and family law provisions, our expert team effectively resolves these complex disputes through diligent efforts, either by obtaining decisions from Turkish courts or by ensuring the recognition of judgments rendered abroad.