Foreign Capital Investments

At Akıncı Law Office, we possess expertise in providing legal consultancy to international companies seeking to establish business operations in Turkey. Our success in advising companies and investors entering the Turkish market has earned us recognition on the international stage.

Our services encompass the legal matters arising at every stage of a business’s life cycle. These include preparing incorporation documents, conducting general assembly meetings, drafting board of directors’ resolutions, and establishing branches and liaison offices.

At Akıncı Law Office, we offer consultancy services not only for foreign companies entering the Turkish market but also for joint ventures and collaboration agreements between Turkish and foreign companies. Our consultancy services cover various aspects related to structuring joint ventures, including negotiating and preparing joint venture agreements, establishing joint venture entities, negotiating and documenting licensing arrangements and co-branding arrangements, among other areas.

We provide advice on the tax implications and relevant management and governance issues concerning joint venture arrangements and offer guidance on agreements related to special matters concerning joint ventures.

Akıncı Law Office provides consultancy services to investors and countries involved in significant investments located in various countries. These disputes are resolved before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (“ICSID”), a tribunal under the World Bank, based on the Bilateral Investment Treaty between the investor’s home country and the host country where the investment is made. At Akıncı Law Office, we have particularly notable experience in disputes related to existing investments in the former Soviet Socialist Republic countries.