Akinci Law Office is an international law firm, based in Istanbul Turkey, committed to providing high-quality legal service both in international and domestic practices. We provide specialized legal services to prominent local firms as well as to well-known corporations around the world.


Akinci Consultancy Services, an affiliate of Akinci Law Office, offers mediation services for both business and domestic purposes. We have a self-contained unit on the top floor of our office building in Bebek, including one large conference room.

The mediator may indicate additional issues that the parties should consider in addition to those that they have identified. The agreement to mediate does not constitute any agreement on the matters in dispute, but is merely an agreement to mediate and be bound by a confidentiality provision.

In order to enter into a settlement agreement at the end of the day, the parties are invited to bring along their individual lawyers or to accept lawyers from Akinci Law Office to represent them, depending on the nature of their dispute.

A day of mediation is typically in three parts. The first part establishes the issues important to each party; unlike in a lawsuit before the courts, many of these important issues may not be entirely monetary. In the second phase, the mediator will help the parties to explore these important issues and try to appreciate the opinions and needs of the other party. In the final stage the parties will take time to negotiate and hopefully come to a settlement agreement.

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